What Are You Thinking?

Recently, this post was shared with me on Twitter: Communication Tools for School Leaders | Evolving Educators It’s a very good look at the need to communicate and respond in many ways to all the stakeholders in the school community. I would add another item to the list: Blogging Why should education administrators blog?  For […]

Start With “Why”, But Then What?

“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek suggests that great leadership begins with asking the question, “Why do we do this?” as a focal point for our actions.  Understanding our purpose, our philosophy, is fundamental for educational leaders.  I have written about the importance of this in the past (You Need to Know What You Stand […]

Five Things I’ve Learned: The Challenge

Two days ago, Julie Balen issued this challenge to her PLN.  The idea was to follow the example provided by Ewan McIntosh, and share things we have learned along our journeys. So here are mine. 1. It Doesn’t Have to [Always] be Perfect If this had to be perfect, I would never get it posted. […]

Protecting Young Brains

This past year, I was fortunate to work with Robert Dunn and Steven Katz on a research project which used case management techniques to deeply study the reasons why students were not attending school, and therefore not succeeding in graduating.  The experience reinforced the observation that complex issues require complex solutions, and blanket strategies to […]

Getting Strong

Update: Do you want to help save the Ontario Ranger Program?  This program is key to giving our youth the opportunity to work as a team, to become strong, to build skills in collaboration and to become a resilient and focused member of our society.  Check out the action plan here: http://www.savetherangers.ca/ Were you an Ontario […]

Why Not Share?

One of my favourite parts of #etMOOC was our time exploring open learning. @cogdog (Alan Levine) collects stories of open learning and sharing here.  It is a concept I am committed to, and my own personal stories of open sharing are dear to me. Sharing can be hard, though. We need courage to share.  Depending […]

OTRK12: The Learning

I am in my second last session of the OTRK12 Conference in Mississauga.  As the twitter feed flies by me I am reflecting on how much I have learned and how much I need to share. Here are some of my notes from this morning’s chat with John Malloy, Director, HWDSB. Some of the other […]

The Power of Visible Learning

I enjoy reading Hattie’s work (Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers), but in all the quality time I have spent with Hattie’s writing, I have only really thought about how it applied to children/students. My first day in #etMOOC changed all that. I have been encouraging educators I work with to engage in the […]

Are You Unhappy with the Status Quo?

When I first started connecting online and building the amazing PLN I have today, I saw all of the wonderful things people were doing and the changes they were making in education.  I thought it couldn’t be that hard if so many people were doing it and being so successful at it. But when I […]

Leader, Take a Hike

Recently, I heard a leader in education say,“If you think you are leading, and nobody is following, you are only out taking a walk”. I really liked this at the time, but the more I think about it, the more value I see in taking a walk.  While we usually want to move forward with […]