Revisiting Pedagogical Documentation – Some Resources

This week I am pulling together some resources for thinking about how we document learning. In particular, we are looking at how we capture learning when and where it happens, and how we use that evidence of learning to better understand the needs of the learner.

Two of my favourite resources include Making Learning Visible Through Pedagogical Documentation (Dr. Carol Anne Wien), and the two capacity building monographs on Pedagogical Documentation and Pedagogical Documentation Revisited.

You can find my previous posts on Pedagogical Documentation here:

I used these slides this week for a presentation with a colleague on what is possible when we provide the tools to promote pedagogical documentation in classrooms.

You can find more resources on Pedagogical Documentation here:

Yesterday I grabbed a screenshot of this quick reminder about why formative assessment is essential for learning. Love my Twitter network of learners!

What are your favourite resources for talking about and learning about pedagogical documentation? Thanks for taking the time to share.

Featured image by @kellysikkema on Unsplash

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