Giving Back

It’s far too late to be up, but sleep won’t come for awhile yet.

Tuesday nights, after board meetings, are always like this. As a Superintendent, you have to be “on” for the whole meeting, ready to answer any questions. Meetings are long. Reports are presented. Topics that come up can be surprising, seemingly out of left field sometimes. It’s exhausting after a full day of work. But I’m not the only one exhausted.

Our seven Trustees faithfully attend every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month for most of the year. They are not really compensated very much for the hours of debate, the phone calls and the controversy. The committee work can be time-consuming. For my Trustees, they are also trying to hire a new superintendent for the school division, a challenge they have faced too often in the past 6 years.

They inspire me. I have a passion for all things “public education system”. I can spend hours thinking about next steps, best strategies, reading about new thinking. I know that none of this is their passion, really. It pushes me to try to make the information interesting to non-educators. They are patient with me as I learn to do this work.

Seven generous people courageously put their names forward to spend 4 years governing a school division. They step away from families, from other passions and commitments to work on strategic planning, to ask questions about kids, to present the budget to the public, and to express gratitude to our wonderful staff. They take on enormous responsibility and they ask very little in return.

So while I wait for my head to stop running scenarios and working through plans so that I can finally sleep, I remind myself that I get paid to do this. The other seven people at the table are working in service of their communities.

It’s in that giving back to the families in the school division where I find inspiration tonight.

Thank you Pine Creek School Division Board of Trustees!

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