Don’t Waste a Good Crisis

I’ll admit, my first response to closing school for 1.5 billion children worldwide was to think about the opportunity to finally shift our thinking about school to a vision for 2020 and beyond. I was excited to see so many thought leaders in education also trying to figure out how to do this. Then there […]

“… If You Let Them, And If They Want To.”

“Children in groups, can actually learn almost anything by themselves, using the internet, if you let them, and if they want to.” Sugata Mitra – #silverliningforlearning Episode 2 Teaching through a pandemic gives us the opportunity to rethink our role in student learning. Can we resist our first instinct to grab tightly to what we […]

From a Marching Band to a Jazz Band

How do we plan for exceptional distance learning while we are doing it? We have two things going on here. Schools are out, everyone is at home, and we are scrambling to meet the needs of our students right now, while everyone copes with a health crisis and an economic crisis (The Urgency) At the […]

I Am Not the Expert

I don’t know the learning needs of our children when their learning moves out of the school buildings. “Content delivery” might work for a few of our students, but real learning requires so much more from us. As Cathy Fosnot taught us, “If there is no learning, there has been no teaching.” As educators, how […]

Throwing Everyone Online

I’ve spent most of my career advocating for access to high quality learning for everyone, independent of geography or genetics. We have the tools to do this, and the best universities have been giving away their courses for free for decades. It seems strange to me now that decades of research around what great online […]

Resources for Learning Outside of School

Now that so many schools are closing globally, generous educators are madly sharing links to excellent resources for children not able to attend school. The purpose of this post is to collect some of those resources in one place. Please contribute to the document using this form. Your contribution will take about 5 minutes to […]

Finding Opportunity in Crisis: Five Ways the Pandemic Can Make Public Education Better

There is no doubt that March 14, 2020 has all of us in a world that is very different from the one we anticipated. The escalation of the national and provincial responses, in a time when everyone has a voice online and facts don’t always rise to the top, creates challenges we have yet to […]

Fitting In

In our classrooms, are we creating places where children are asked to fit in, or spaces where children know they belong? What is the difference? One non-education podcast I listen to regularly is On Being, with Krista Tippett. Recently, BrenĂ© Brown was a guest on a repodcast (from 2018). She talked about conversations with middle […]

One Word for 2020: #OneWordEdCan & #OneWordOnt

It’s 2020 and we’re back to school! Across Canada, many of us have had a couple of weeks to pause and reflect on the past year, and consider our goals for 2020. But as we dive back into the fast pace of work in education, how will we meet our own learning needs, to build […]

PISA Panic?

The latest PISA results are about to be released to the public. How will the media spin the latest results? What outrage will surface? What drastic policy shifts will happen as a result? What pressure will be put on front line educators because of how their jurisdiction fares in the rankings? Why are we obsessed […]