Are You Unhappy with the Status Quo?

When I first started connecting online and building the amazing PLN I have today, I saw all of the wonderful things people were doing and the changes they were making in education.  I thought it couldn’t be that hard if so many people were doing it and being so successful at it. But when I […]

Leader, Take a Hike

Recently, I heard a leader in education say,“If you think you are leading, and nobody is following, you are only out taking a walk”. I really liked this at the time, but the more I think about it, the more value I see in taking a walk.  While we usually want to move forward with […]

Unplug*ing to Learn

I am a voracious learner.  I can’t help myself.  I am interested in almost everything. I remember complaining about this personal trait to one of my professors, Fred Helleiner, when I was an undergraduate student.  I could not focus on one area to major in.  I wanted to take everything.  He said to me, “And […]

The Importance of Happiness

Several years ago when I was working on my Principal Qualifications, I remarked to my instructor that I thought it was very important that teachers in the building were happy.  She took me to task on that remark.  She said, “It is not your job to keep them happy”.  I have enormous respect for my […]


“Someone who managed to get to adulthood and keep his imagination, which is always a precious thing…” Ryan Germick, Google’s chief doodler, on CBC’s As It Happens, November 26, 2012. On the way home tonight, I listened to CBC As It Happens (listen here) host Carol Off, interviewing Ryan Germick about his doodle for what would […]

Why SeLNO is so Important

The Symposium for eLearning in Northwestern Ontario is an opportunity for educators from throughout our vast region to gather f2f and learn about how to leverage free, safe technological tools for greater student achievement.

Symposium for eLearning in Northwestern Ontario

While at #SeLNO 2012 in Thunder Bay, keynote speaker Shawn Allenby used a clip from the #ECOO12 Panel Discussion on the role of the teacher in the NOW Century to emphasize the importance of the Provincial eLearning strategy in moving the use of educational technology forward.

Learning about Leading Change

If you have seen this video a hundred times, please don’t go away yet. Scroll down … If it is new to you, please take a moment to view it.  It was produced in 2008.  At the time, it was at the leading edge, and it was used as an introduction to so many presentations […]

Some good points…

This video makes some important points about why our current industrial aged schools are dangerously irrelevant.

My Day on CBC Radio: The Journey

I am a HUGE fan of Spark. For many years, each Sunday during my long run, the latest “Spark” podcast continues to keep my mind off the pain of running.  In fact, I associate some of the things I have learned on Spark with specific geographical locations. One afternoon, I dragged myself out for a […]