Transforming School Culture – Chapter 1 Resources (From Status Quo to True Reform)

This is a series of posts on Transforming School Culture by Anthony Muhammad – On Audible and on Amazon. More from Dr. Muhammad on Twitter and on his website.

Notes on the Foreword by Richard Dufour and Rebecca Dufour

  1. Schools are complex places with competing assumptions about beliefs, expectations, and practice. We don’t even agree on the purpose of school.
Stop Stealing Dreams:

2. There are effective teachers who are fundamentalists, and ineffective teachers who are believers.

What makes an effective teacher? Here is a research hub from Dr. Simon Breakspear.

3. How do we stop paying lip service to ensuring that ALL students learn in schools? How do we stop “tinkering” and begin making a real difference for all children?

Ontario’s School Effectiveness Framework

Can All Children Learn?

Chapter 1: From Status Quo to True Reform

  1. Are all children learning at high levels? If not, what are the obstacles that are preventing student learning?

The Moral Imperative of School Leadership – Michael Fullan

2. “In order for a school to be a place that provides high levels of learning for all students regardless of student background, the staff must articulate through their behaviour the beliefs that:

All students can learn

All students will learn because of what we do.”

Collective Efficacy:

Presume Competence

The Evolution of Inclusion

Believe in ALL students.

3. “Students will learn more and be more successful in an environment where all educators BELIEVE they can learn at high levels and those educators work together to convince the students that they can achieve lofty academic goals teachers set for them.”

“A leader who understands how to cultivate this type of culture will place a school clearly on the path to improvement and sustainable growth”


Anthony Muhammad – Videos on Transforming School Culture

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Transforming School Culture

by Anthony Muhammad

Updated 2021-2022 Resources by Chapter.

Chapter 1: From Status Quo to True Reform

Chapter 2: The Framework of Modern School Culture

Chapter 3: The Believers

Chapter 4: The Tweeners (new teachers)

Chapter 5: The Survivors

Chapter 6: The Fundamentalists (Part 1: Who Are They?)

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