How Far Will We Go?

Educators have taken up the challenge to do their best to get out and move at least a mile every day for the rest of 2020, and for the very first day of 2021.

We can do it!

Exercise helps prevent depression. It lengthens telomeres. It prevents onset of Parkinson’s symptoms and Alzheimer’s symptoms. It helps you SEE your world and discover bits of joy to share with others.

Last year, Heather Theijsmeijer kept track of how far we ran, biked, swam, skied, walked, hiked, etc., and shared that with us now and then. I have no time to do this – I’d rather be running – but here is a form we can use to track that information.

If you can enter it, I can sort it and report it! Let’s go! Bookmark this page and add to our distance covered.

Featured image by @jdleonardphoto

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