Movement is Medicine

Pandemic fatigue, anxiety, endless uncertainty, grief, exhaustion.

We all feel it. We see it in each other. This is hard.

So why move? Especially why should we move right now?

Because exercise is one of the most important tools to fight stress-induced depression. Habitual, aerobic and preferably strenuous exercise has remarkable physiological benefits to protect us from all this added stress.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is one of my most trusted sources of health information. If you haven’t discovered her podcasts yet, now is the time. Listen to them while moving each day!

Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Exercise may help to prevent and treat depression.

So let’s beat this pandemic fatigue! Join the 2020 RunStreak.

Get out the door, every day, move a mile. Take a picture to share your success with your co-movers. Comment on the successes your fellow educators are having. Let’s help each other build our strength and our mental abilities to get through the challenges ahead.

I guarantee you will smile more, feel more in control, and notice that there is still so much beauty in our lives every day.

Please join in. 37 days begins November 26, 2020.

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More information on the 2020 Run Streak: Introductory Post: Streaking 2020 Off the Calendar and My Run Streak Heroes


Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Found My Fitness Podcasts

Dr. Charles Raison – Exercise, Depression and Inflammation

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