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Beginning on Thursday March 7, 2019 at 8:30 pm Newfoundland time (8 Atlantic, 7 Eastern), tune in to Essential Conversations on VoicEd Radio for a live discussion on Literacy Essentials with Regie Routman, Allison Tucker and Stephen Hurley.

Why should you participate?

  1. Teachers matter.

“If we really want to impact on student learning and achievement, we do it through the quality of classroom instruction and practice. That there is in fact no single bigger predictor of student learning and achievement than the quality of classroom instruction that kids are exposed to.”

Dr. Stephen Katz

From a systems perspective, then, continued improvement in the quality of classroom instruction and practice has the most potential to impact student learning. This is particularly true for students with the lowest social capital.

Teachers must be learners. System leaders make sure teachers have access to the highest quality opportunities for learning. The opportunity to learn from Regie Routman from the comfort of your couch is priceless!

2. It’s Completely Open

This learning opportunity is free, and you can openly participate in whatever way suits you best. Be a lurker, or be on Twitter during the live broadcast, asking questions, commenting, sharing stories and insights. Blog about what you hear. Create a sketchnote and share it online. Have a conversation with your f2f colleagues. Share the podcast with your teacher friend in BC. Everyone can participate!

3. We are Building Knowledge Together

We are all better when we learn together. Each of us enters into this learning experience from a different place. We engage in different ways, make sense of it in different ways and share our learning back with others using the method that suits us best. That sustained sharing, and the conversations that result from it, continues to builds knowledge in the system.

4. You Will Build a PLN

Do you currently have an online PLN? Do you get involved in conversations online with other educators? A PLN is essential in 2019. Meet teachers with similar interests from other provinces and around the world. Read their blogs, connect on Twitter, do a hangout together – but keep learning!

Please join in and dig into these ideas in the coming months with @regieroutman

@stephen_hurley and Allison Tucker

on VoicEd Radio.

Follow @NLESDLit for further details.

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