Autism: Let’s Think Twice!

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Educators continue the important conversations this weekend as EdLine Canada features cross-Canada thinking about autism. This one-hour open line show on VoicEd Radio is an opportunity for educators, parents and the public education community to join the conversation.

This week, we welcome Dr. Gerry Costa back to VoicEd Radio. Dr. Costa is “the founding director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health and Professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education, in the College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University”. Dr. Costa’s previous work with VoicEd Radio can be found here: Reframing Autism on Self-Reg: Science that Resonates.

Dr. Costa takes a developmental approach to his important work in this field, considering the complexities that lead to observable behaviours in young children. He shares his insights from a neurobiological perspective and connects the many recent findings that are beginning to give us a better understanding of how childhood development and autism spectrum disorder are related.

What are some of the interesting new findings and questions about autism?

What questions do you have about the neurobiology of autism? We welcome you to join in the conversation on EdLine Canada.
Please call in during the show, or leave a message during off-hours for us to play during the show.


Interview with Dr Martha Herbert – Autism: A brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain?

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