Timeless Learning: On Edline Canada This Week, Dr. Pam Moran and Ira Socol

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This week on Edline Canada, we continue our conversation around Design for Learning. We are so pleased to welcome two of the authors of Timeless Learning: How Observation, Imagination and Zero-Based Thinking Change Schools.

Dr. Pam Moran was Superintendent of Albermarle County Public Schools from January 2006 through June of 2018. She now serves as the Executive Director at the Virginia School Consortium for Learning. Pam has been an advocate for rethinking what school needs to look like in 2019, and shares her learning and thinking widely through podcasts, presentations, education panels (Educon 2019) and a two TEDx talks: Beyond the Sky and Getting Ourselves to Yes.

Pam asks us to consider the critical question,

“How will the children born into this century learn what they need to not just survive, but THRIVE in a world defined by accelerating technologies?”

(chapter 6)

Ira Socol is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for Albemarle County Public Schools. He is well known for his advocacy of Universal Design for Learning, and The Toolbelt Theory. He is an education historian who delights in the question, “Why does this look the way it does?” when it comes to structures in education. He provokes us to ask,

What would schools would look like if we started with nothing, and tried to build the best place for kids aged 4 to 21 to develop and learn?


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