“Someone who managed to get to adulthood and keep his imagination, which is always a precious thing…”

Ryan Germick, Google’s chief doodler, on CBC’s As It Happens, November 26, 2012.
Google Doodle by Ryan Germick – 2012 11 26

On the way home tonight, I listened to CBC As It Happens (listen here) host Carol Off, interviewing Ryan Germick about his doodle for what would have been Ernie Coomb’s 85th birthday.

For those of us who grew up in homes that were not supportive and encouraging in engaging in the arts, Mr. Dressup was a a refuge – a time where a child could lie on the floor in front of the television and be immersed in the imaginary world of Casey and Finnegan, and all the Tickle Trunk had to offer.

I remember with great fondness and wonder, the first time I took my own children to see “Mr. Dressup” in person, at the Massey Fall Fair.  This man had captivated two generations with his simple brand of storytelling and illustration.  I am still amazed at how he could draw anything – a marker and an easel – to make a story come to life.

I miss you Ernie Coombs.  Thank you Ryan Germick for reminding us that ensuring kids  keep their imagination in spite of their schooling is critical.

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