The Power of Networks for School Improvement: Learning with Steven Katz (2)

The Power of Networks for School Improvement Just because we work in groups doesn’t mean good things will happen. Not all group work is good work. What are some of the potential PERILS of learning networks and learning communities? Quality Control – Anything spreads. [We see this in our online Professional Learning Networks]. A bad […]

The Power of Networks for School Improvement: Learning with Steven Katz (1)

Creating Networks for School Improvement We want to move from VERTICAL to HORIZONTAL capacity building so we can learn in at least three ways: Learn FROM one another [when I need information I don’t have] Learn WITH one another [when we all want to know] Learn ON BEHALF OF others [when we learn something we […]

Leading Learning in 2018

“The balance between leading and learning is essential.” (Fullan 2017, p. 62) Back in early December, we met with our Assistant Principals in Western Region (NLESD) to talk about Learning Leadership.  We shared that Learning Leadership was an essential approach to effective practice in schools.  The feedback from that event was that overwhelmingly, the biggest […]

Learning Network Leadership – A Path Forward

If we are to build an effective learning network, what will it look like? An effective learning network is complex, changing, growing, shrinking, morphing over old, new and evolving platforms.  It reaches into classrooms and across the globe, held together by personal learning networks (PLNs) that continually build new connections, cultivate new relationships and learning […]