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Empower Students Today: Student Voice Wanted!

This post is part of a series on the rights of children to an education free from violence.

In Canada, it is still legal for adults to physically assault children under Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission published the Calls to Action in 2015. Call to Action #6 is the repeal of Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada

Senator Stan Kutcher is leading the repeal of Section 43 of the Criminal Code to align with the Rights of Children to a life free from corporal punishment.

Children must have a voice in this process. Children can write to the Senate to encourage Canada’s Senators to remove legalized assault on children from Canada’s Criminal Code.

As educators, we must ensure children know their rights and responsibilities. Here is an opportunity for children to be empowered and to advocate for an end to an archaic Canadian law that is not in the best interests of children.

Won’t you empower your students today?

Empower children to tell the Senate Canada’s Criminal Code must protect them from being legally assaulted by adults who are supposed to care for them.

Over 60 other countries in the world have already banned corporal punishment. Canada is not one of them.

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Reconciliation Thunder: A conversation with Senator Stan Kutcher

Bill S-251 An Act to Repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada

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