Working on the “Spread”

This year, our school board was involved in what we affectionately call GSIP – the Growing Success Implementation Project – with the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The project, in its first stage this year, involved the implementation of the assessment cycle (learning goals – success criteria – descriptive feedback – peer and self-assessment) with selected Principals, Vice-Principals, teachers from grade 7&8, secondary program leaders, and other board staff.

This was an excellent learning opportunity.  Unfortunately, it only included select teachers, and now the challenge is to work on the spread.  How do we get the information and learning to the teachers who were not involved?

I regret that we were not Tweeting our learning from the start.  Twitter is not ‘huge’ in our board, but that doesn’t mean we should not keep trying to convince people to use it to build their PLN.

Tomorrow we are going to have a Twitter backchannel and we hope others from in and outside our board will join in so we can share what we are learning.

I will also share Screenr, so why not combine the two?

… and a great resource for finding the Twitter chat for you:

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