December 1 is a great day to talk about educator wellness. We are 15 school days away from the only real relaxation time teachers get in the school year, but there are some incredibly long days between here and there.

Last week I sat with other education leaders in Toronto as the #EdCan Network launched its #WellatWork Campaign.

We learned about how teacher wellness is connected to student achievement from a team of educator well-being researchers in New Brunswick (http://wmawellness.com/)

Dr. Katina Pollock researches educator stress. Her recent work on the EdCan Network site outlines some of today’s challenges in working in public education, particularly for principals.

Wellness is complex. We are beginning to learn more, though, about what impacts healthspan and longevity. For our young teachers, it’s interesting to learn about the critical importance of their own healthy choices (unprocessed healthy foods, plenty of quality sleep and exercise) on the children they may choose to have some day.

Exercise is also an important factor in preventing stress-induced depression.

This month, a group of about 10 educators with some link to the Province of Ontario have joined the #RWRunStreak with the intention of running at least one mile every day from American Thanksgiving to New Years Day 2020. We support each other over social media, and we encourage each other to get up and go run off all that stress!

Want to join in? Just share your runs using #educatorsONtherun on Instagram or Twitter. What better way to get moving together?

Stay well!


Dr. Katina Pollock: https://www.edcan.ca/articles/work-intensification/

A Vibrant Ray of Hope: Staff Well
Being is Key to Students Well Being

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2 thoughts on “#WellAtWork

  1. I just read your Blog post and saw the Slide showing Student Well-Being mapped against Student Achievement. Where did it originate? Can you point me in the right direction.

    1. Sure. The slide is from a presentation at the EdCan Network #WellAtWork launch on Friday, November 22 in Toronto. The presenter was Dr. Bill Morrison, and it was the work of this group: WMA Wellness

      The principal researcher was Robert Laurie I believe. He works at UNB.

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