#FutureLearning – Students Wonder What School Could Be

I was so fortunate to be asked by the students of 3UU at Cameron Heights School in Kitchener, to sit on a panel to discuss with them the Future of Learning. Here is a wonderful explanation, written by the class, of what their class is about: “3UU is an extraordinary class, it is a Future […]

Why Should Educators Understand Social Media?

Educators must understand social media, because this is where our children are: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/common-sense-media-report-reveals-new-facts-about-kids-use-of-technology-social-media/ Is shutting down the device the answer? Do our kids, and our teachers, understand how powerful social media can be for LEARNING? Isn’t it ESSENTIAL for our school and system leaders to be fully digitally literate? Here is a great guide to […]