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A Guide for Trusted Adults (mediaSmarts)

Our Current Reality


Making your own frames for your glasses:

Technology Has a Language. It’s Called Code.

Are Robots Going to Steal Your Job? Probably.

3 of the World’s Top 10 Employers are Replacing Workers With Robots

What If? OPSBA 2009

A Vision for Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age OPSBA (2013?)

Robot-Proof: How Colleges Can Keep People Relevant in the Workplace by Joseph E. Aoun 

Canada’s Digital Talent Strategy March 2016

Canada’s Digital Talent Strategy Introductory Slides and Images

Digital Canada 150

Michael Geist: Digital Canada 150

Automation isn’t new, so what’s the big deal? by Jacob Morgan

Replacing the Professionals: CBC Ideas Podcast with Richard Susskind

The computer that beat GO (video, March 2016)

Frameworks for Education

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World Economic Forum


Learn how to learn!
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Digital Citizenship

School Leader Learning Series: Leading in the Digital Age

Detecting Lies and Staying Safe (by YouTube)


Equity Considerations

Pedagogical Documentation