Important Learning Videos

A table of inspirational videos shared by others.


There is no such thing as an average student.

Knowledge is not the same thing as understanding.

Spoken word for June 2016:

Silvana Hoxha: Supervised use of social media

Mary Jean Gallagher – Chief Student Achievement Officer for Ontario

A powerful message for 2015

Simon Breakspear from the TELL2015 Institute for Ontario Principals, August 2015


Scott McLeod: 3 important minutes on how we are not changing.


Ontario Leadership Congress Spring Symposium 2015 from Simon Breakspear on Vimeo.


Andy Hargreaves: Improvement, Innovation and Inclusion: The Future of Innovation in Ontario and Elsewhere

The Importance of Connected Learning:

Thinking about Learning Through Social Media and Collaboration:
Mimi Ito via Edutopia

How to Find Your Element: Education is NOT About Getting a Job.

Finding Your Passion Changes Everything:


Learning to Change, Changing to Learn: A 2008 video that is still scarily relevant.

  The Future is NOT a Multiple Choice Test.
Will Richardson at TEDxNYEd: Rethinking Schools and Learning
So many important ideas here: #ISTE13 Keynote Adam Bellow – You’re Invited to Change the World   Seth Godin: Stop Stealing Dreams
Why Blogging is Important:
How Youth Learn: Ned’s Gr8 8
  Be more Dog!
Be the Courageous First Follower:
Using tools: QR Codes in Schools (old, but still very cool!)
This iPad Doesn’t Work!

Dare Change:


The Power of Yet: Growth Mindset on Sesame Street!

“not scarred for life by your grade school math teachers”

What is school for?

What is the TPACK Model of Technology-Enabled Learning and Teaching?

One of my favourite poems about teaching:

On Spark in 2012!

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