The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Timeline Part 2 (The RCMP)

The abuse of children at Jack Hulland Elementary School was reported to RCMP repeatedly, and on November 24, 2021 they announced the beginning of a 22-month investigation into the use of restraints and seclusion as forms of discipline for vulnerable children. No results of the investigation have been released to date.

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Timeline Part 1 (Class Action Lawsuit)

This timeline was updated on April 2, 2024 to reflect a recent Yukon Supreme Court ruling. What happened to the kids of Jack Hulland Elementary School? The best place to start might be a timeline for this story – an anchor for the pieces of the story of tragedy that will follow. Let’s begin with […]

Jack Hulland Elementary School

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Introduction

‘He knew that they were coming to … lock him up’ As told to CBC The Current, November 2022 Pause for a moment. Imagine listening to your child being interviewed by the police, and hearing your child describe being dragged down the hallway at school, and locked up for hours in “holding cells”, day after […]