The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary: Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Podcast (School Safety)

Why don’t children go to school in the Yukon? Through its individual advocacy work, the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office (YCAO) found that an astonishing number of Yukon children rarely attended school. The Office embarked on a systemic review of the reasons why children were not going to school, releasing the final report on […]

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – The Yukon Child & Youth Advocate

“We can’t be part of keeping the silence.” Where does a parent go when they discover their child has been restrained and secluded at school without their knowledge? For many Yukon residents, the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate is their first call. Over several months – stretching into years – Annette King and […]

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Timeline Part 2 (The RCMP)

The abuse of children at Jack Hulland Elementary School was reported to RCMP repeatedly, and on November 24, 2021 they announced the beginning of a 22-month investigation into the use of restraints and seclusion as forms of discipline for vulnerable children. No results of the investigation have been released to date.