The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary: No Pain, No Shame, No Blame

Saying that it [corporal punishment] is not allowed, isn’t going to change a school culture entirely. We don’t know what other forms of discipline will come in. I think really in the simplest forms when I talk with families, I remind them that our goal is no pain — so that’s corporal punishment– no shame, […]

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary: Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Podcast (School Safety)

Why don’t children go to school in the Yukon? Through its individual advocacy work, the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office (YCAO) found that an astonishing number of Yukon children rarely attended school. The Office embarked on a systemic review of the reasons why children were not going to school, releasing the final report on […]

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Supreme Court Ruling (Update March 27, 2024)

“For these reasons, I will order the Yukon government to disclose and produce tocounsel for the plaintiffs a list of names, last known addresses, last known emailaddresses, and last known telephone numbers of all students of JHES betweenJanuary 1, 2002 and June 30, 2022, and of their parents.” Chief Justice S.M. Duncan, Yukon Supreme Court […]

The Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary – Repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code (NDP Bill C-273)

‘It’s not OK to hurt children’ “For as long as there is ambiguity around the use of force against children … we will continue, sadly, to hear of these incidents and allegations, and many of these allegations will be horrific.” Peter Julian In 2022, Bill C-273, a Private Members’ Bill to repeal Section 43 of […]

The [Missing] Kids of Jack Hulland Elementary

Where are the children who were harmed at Jack Hulland Elementary? Who are the children who were harmed at Jack Hulland Elementary? In May, 2022, the Yukon Department of Education shared some of the findings of their “internal investigation” into the use of restraints and seclusion at Jack Hulland Elementary School. The “internal investigation” was […]

National Child Day 2023

Children’s Rights are Human Rights. But children are vulnerable and adults can abuse children’s rights, often without consequences. On November 20, National Child Day 2023, we can see so many examples where adult rights take precedence over the rights of children. We look to the wars in Ukraine, and Gaza/Israel. But children’s rights are trampled […]

child sitting on a bench

Empower Students Today: Student Voice Wanted!

This post is part of a series on the rights of children to an education free from violence. In Canada, it is still legal for adults to physically assault children under Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission published the Calls to Action in 2015. Call to Action #6 […]

The cover of the book "With All Due Respect" by Ronald Morrish

This Book Must Be Removed From Schools

I am not a book banner. Books that have been published in the past have value in understanding our historical context. However, books written to guide professional practice can’t be allowed when they cause damage, especially to children. What we know: Childhood Experiences Impact Brain Development Over the last decade our understanding of how the […]