It’s Not Okay To Give Only Some People…

“It’s not okay to give only some people the Internet”

Project Loon, Google Summit, 2014

It’s Day 2 of #GAFEsummit in Kitchener.  We are talking a lot about #futureready, Digital Talent, collaborative documents, Google Hangouts – all the tools and ideas that support collaboration across distance and time.

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As much as I always advocate for internet access for ALL students, it wasn’t until I came across this chair in the upstairs hallway of Eastwood Collegiate, that the full force of the months and months of hearing about the Inquest into First Nations student deaths in Thunder Bay hit me with full force.

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Written by Jody Porter (@cbcreporter)


It isn’t necessary any more for students to leave their home communities to got to school – unless they want to.  We already have everything we need to support students in learning wherever and whenever they want to.

In addition, as Jaime Casap so aptly said here at #GAFEsummit, coding is a wonderful career for students who want to work from home because the work is international and not dependent on location.

Everyone can participate in the digital economy, including digital education, from home.

If they have access to the internet.

Who will make this happen?  

Who will make sure there are no more empty chairs?

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