Connecting to Learn – From a Distance. EdCampWR!

A wild winter storm, closed highways, and cancelled flights means finding another way to learn from EdCampWR.

Stay tuned as we demonstrate how being a connected learner can mean learning 24/7 from anywhere!

2 thoughts on “Connecting to Learn – From a Distance. EdCampWR!

  1. Recently I read a post asking the question, “Why, in this connected age, do folks still travel (large/significant) distances to attend conferences when such wonderful options exist to attend and participate via electronic means?”

    Donna, as you know, there are excellent reasons to take advantage of technology on a regular and ongoing basis to support one’s learning from home or school. Hopefully there will be a good number of educators participating in #edCampWR tomorrow from a distance, joining in with the learning. And, in given the turn of weather in your region, it’s great that you’ll still be participating from up in Thunder Bay!

    However, as you also know, the face-to-face opportunity provided by an in-person experience is still a strong draw that brings folks together at edCamps and other conferences throughout the year. We’ll have to look forward to another opportunity to connect in the coming months! In the meantime, I’ll see you online tomorrow!

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