On Nuance: Dr. Michael Fullan In Conversation With Stephen Hurley

Recently, Stephen Hurley recorded a podcast in conversation with Dr. Michael Fullan where they explored some of the ideas from his latest book, “Nuance: Why Some Leaders Succeed and Others Fail” Please listen to this VoicEd Radio On Demand Podcast here.

In this podcast, Stephen and Michael take us back to the 1960’s when innovation was alive in Ontario schools. Michael shares his thinking on why that innovation didn’t “stick” and why today, the sheer complexity of modern society, might be a catalyst for new interest in innovative approaches. We now live in a future that is not predictable, and an education for every child is critical. In this complexity, though, how do we take our first steps toward change? How do we create the conditions where we have a shared depth of understanding of what we need to do, and the “permission” in the system that allows everyone to move forward without waiting for others?

In 2019, FLOURISHING requires so much more that good grades. In fact, focusing on grades can be detrimental to learning. Fullan challenges us to think of well-being – being good at life – as just as important as academic achievement.

How do we implement the kind of system change needed? Fullan outlines three requirements from his book: 1) Joint Determination, 2) Adaptability, and 3) Culture-based Accountability. He explains these further in the podcast.

This conversation is worth listening to more than once, and I am convinced that I need to read the book for deeper understanding.

My notes for Part 1 of On Nuance, with Dr. Michael Fullan and Stephen Hurley

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