Supports: Building Leadership Content Knowledge

School and System Leaders need to be able to recognize excellent classroom learning environments. In their roles, they support educators in improving the school learning environment. How do we support school and system leaders in developing the content knowledge needed to be effective in their roles?

Universal Design for Learning

Currently in our District, we are moving toward a Universal Design for Learning approach to classroom learning.

There are many excellent resources on UDL. When we think about helping educators learn about what UDL might look like in the classroom, this open resource from British Columbia includes a course for educators, exemplars, sample activities and testimonials.

Resources: Universal Design for Learning

A compilation of free resources from around the digital environment on UDL, including the Toolbelt Theory.

UDL and DI: What is the difference?

UDL and DI: Differences and Interconnections

Social Emotional Learning #SEL

As we move toward a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, we will need to continue to build our understanding of how to support children and educators in this work. The University of British Columbia has compiled a substantial collection of resources on this topic.

Most Likely to Succeed Clips:

  1. Essential Skills
  2. Who Owns the Learning
  3. Parent-Teacher Conference
  4. The Wheel Project
  5. Public Exhibition
  6. Decisions
  7. An Innovative School Design
  8. Breadth vs. Depth
  9. What does it mean to learn?
  10. A Test of Value
  11. Creativity
  12. Failure
  13. Purpose
  14. A School Within a School [New material from Albermarle High School with Pam Moran (Timeless Learning)]

Who is doing this work? What reflective educators might help guide our work?

  1. Aviva Dunsiger
  2. Cathy Baker

Aviva on Twitter and Cathy on Twitter

@nlesdnt on Twitter (Numeracy Team)

Newfoundland and Labrador educators on Twitter

Professional Learning with Regie Routman! Check out our website. Follow @nlesdLIT on Twitter, and get the book (foundation for the learning): Literacy Essentials.

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