Streaking 2020 Off the Calendar!

Have you had enough of 2020 yet?

I often think of where we were last year at this time. I was getting excited to start #RWRunStreak. I had committed to a birthday marathon in Nova Scotia in May 2020 and a summer solstice marathon in Winnipeg (June 2020). #EducatorsONtheRun was such a fun way to get back running every day, and posting the “evidence” online with friends.

Keep running we said. Run until January 1, 2020. We can do it!

Some of those friends never stopped their daily #atleastamile streak! Check out the Twitter #educatorsONtherun to see the amazing streaks that are still going on from that event, and from a few others in 2020.

So let’s do it again.

What’s a run streak? Well there are lots of definitions and rules, but like teaching, I like to think first about the outcomes. What are we looking for?

Community, wellness, inspiration, positivity, great health and fresh air.

So here’s the deal. Can you commit to #amileaday every day from Thursday, November 26 to January 1, 2021? Can you commit to getting outside (okay, treadmills work too) and moving that far every day? You can walk, run, bike, ski, skate, rollerblade, rollerski – just cover the distance each day under your own power.

Take a picture of something you see, or something later that day, and share your run online. We’ll use #mbedruns for Manitoba runners, but we also use #educatorsontherun or #wellatwork – just somewhere to keep others going, to bring smiles to faces, and maybe even to end this ridiculous year healthier than ever before.

Take that 2020!

What do you say, are you in?

Last year’s first run. What will this Thursday bring?


Exercise and telomere length (Dr. Elissa Epel on Found My Fitness)

Exercise and decreased cellular aging

Being outside and increased health

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