One of the most powerful benefits to having a strong Professional Learning Network (PLN) is how they can push you to do the work you must do, the work that makes you open and vulnerable, even when you think you don’t have time. Why we do what we do is an essential question educators must […]

#NotABookStudy Update on VoicEd Radio

Here is my conversation with Stephen Hurley on VoicEd Radio about NotABookStudy, the latest project by #MathLeadersNEO beginning April 10. Enjoy! And join us!   Featured image from VoicEd Radio – 24/7 Canadian Education Content!

Why Build a Wall?

This is a wall: If your purpose is to protect information, this wall is useful. If your purpose is to make money on the information, this wall is useful. But if your purpose is to share information this wall will keep people out. When we are trying to build a community, even if everyone has […]