Triangulating Assessment in Online Environments

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Resources (generated by other groups working on this topic):

Triangulation of assessment

Your Connected LIfe:

Kathy Pick: Creativity online:

You can learn anything:

How Youth Learn: Ned’s Gr8 8

What is learning? Katz video

What is your focus?

Learning is Messy:

Digital Storytelling:

Jump in!

Documenting for Learning:

Documenting FOR Learning

Making Learning Visible:

Screencasting for math solutions!

Allowing our students to capture their learning in new ways challenges us to see them differently as learners. When students own their learning and showcase it for us, how can we ensure we are using this evidence to inform future instruction? What tools do we have to enable our students to make their learning visible? In this workshop we will Explore some current uses of digital tools to document learning and support reflective teaching practice.

Kathy Cassidy’s class


Mindomo, Digital Citizenship,

OSSEMOOC, Ministry provided digital resources


Featured image by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

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