In schools systems, “enrolment” is data.  The number of children in schools is the basis for funding and staffing allocations.  From an operations perspective, it’s a critical piece of information.

But enrolment is also about showing up and choosing to engage in learning.  Is this how our students approach school?

Fullan, Quinn and McEachen, 2018, point to lack of engagement and irrelevance as two key factors pushing us toward a culture of deep learning in our schools.  In the traditional system, particularly at post-secondary, but also in high school, external rewards, like marks and credits ensure compliance rather than enrolment.

From Seth Godin:

If “will this be on the test?” is the most common question students ask, they are not enrolled in learning.

School is Still Ruining Your Chances to Learn by Seth Godin


Most adults, including educators and parents, came through a traditional education system that looked something like this:

Will This Be On The Test? Seth Godin on Medium


This traditional concept of school is deeply ingrained in the experiences of educators and parents alike.  Together, we need to challenge our understanding of what learning is.  When we focus on the process of learning, we begin to change the culture of traditional schooling.

When the learning becomes relevant and empowering, there is no limit to what our children can achieve.

Seth Godin

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Ashley Batz

Our #nledDPAG (Director’s Principal Advisory Group) are working on solutions to student disengagement in grades 7-12. As part of this work we are reading Deep Learning Engage the World Change the World by Fullan, Quinn and McEachen (2018).  This is an ongoing reflection on that work.
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I plan to write 5 mini blogs about 5 little words that I’ve been reflecting on this summer.  Mini…little…single words…nothing too intimidating.  Want to join me?  #5Days5Words
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3 thoughts on “Enrolment

  1. I really love your line about challenging “what learning is.” I think that this is starting to happen more often, but I wonder what else can be done. I can’t help but think about your post from yesterday, and wonder if sometimes it’s the rebels who do this most.

    Thanks for giving me more to think about!

  2. If this is enrolment (and I think it is), then what is the role of the SO or administrator? What can the entire community do to ensure that the best learning is occurring everyday so that everyone wants to engage fully? What is my role?

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