Comfort Zones in Exponential Times

We cannot let the comfort zones of educators limit our children.

Reliance on paper-based textbooks creates enormous workflow for children who need a digital format.

Banning cell phones in response to inappropriate use ignores our negligence in ever teaching children to use mobile devices effectively.

How do our adult practices limit children in 2017?

From Principal Connections


One thought on “Comfort Zones in Exponential Times

  1. I agree that students need to learn the rules and etiquette for using mobile devices in learning environments. I suspect this will gradually happen as the “novelty” of using devices becomes part of daily routines. On the other hand, teachers required individualized and collaborative professional development to support their learning in an ever-changing environment. Research indicates that effective professional development for individual teachers relates to improved classroom teaching practices. Teacher support (particularly time and resources) is critical for introducing more and more technology into the classroom. For many mid-career teaching professionals, time to learn new teaching strategies or tools is very limited, even with best efforts made to organize or manage professional development. Teacher support is critical.

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