Not Everybody Has a Good Day Every Day

Sometimes, things just don’t go well.  For so many of us, we are running, running, running.  We can take one or two things falling apart but there are days when catching a break seems elusive.

bad day
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I had a morning like that today.

“At least I am here to experience it”, is what I kept saying to everyone around me.

While waiting to see a physician (you are getting the flavour of how things were going…), a young mother and her 8-year-old son sat down beside me.

Once the mom had her son settled, she opened a duotang that had about 40 rubrics in it.  She turned quickly to the last page.  It was full of level 3’s and 4’s.  She paused.  I could see the look of pride wash over her face. She quickly checked the previous few pages.  All 3’s and 4’s.

She grabbed her son’s arm and showed him.

“Joey!”, she said.  “These are all 3’s and 4’s!”

“Look back at the start, remember?  All 1’s and 2’s.  You have improved SO much!  Look how well you are doing! You are working so hard and you are improving so much.  I am so proud of you!”

I watched Joey as she praised him.  He seemed to be holding back.  Then quietly he showed her a few pages near the back of the book that were 1’s and 2’s.

She turned to him and said, “But Joey, not everybody has a good day every day!”

bad day 2
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Lessons come to us from everywhere.

We have to remember that not everyone can be on their game every single day.   Students, teachers, parents, principals – we all have stuff that brings us down now and then.

I was fortunate to have great support all around me today.  When bad things happen to you, it gives those around you the chance to be a friend.

How do you make room for the bad days that other people in your life are having?

What do you with your chances to be a friend to those around you?

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