Stories of Open Sharing

This week, one of the conspirators of #etMOOC, Alan Levine (a.k.a. @cogdog), emailed me with a challenge – to submit a video of a time when being open and sharing online resulted in something special happening.

What could be more special than lunch with cogdog himself?

Update: More about Alan Levine right here (from Dean Shareski):

Here’s the story (told while snowshoeing with my beagle north of Lake Superior).

The story at the time: The Kindness of (not really) strangers:

Do you have a story of when being open and sharing online turned into something really special?  Tell the story in video and share it here.

0 thoughts on “Stories of Open Sharing

  1. What a great story Donna, I felt like I was there! It’s kind of fun to hear someone tell their side to a story you tell. Our connection was a most memorable part if that amazing lake journey. And how fun to hear it among the snow walking.

    Now next time in Arizona you better come visit!

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