Well, Yes I Am

Have you ever driven to your school on 3 hours of sleep, sucking back coffee all the way, mentally rehearsing lessons and memorizing “to do” lists, knowing it would be a line-up at the photocopier and wondering how you could get everything done before the bell?

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-42-57-amDoes teaching have to be frantic?

We can be sucked into believing that planning and lessons must be perfect, that children are there to managed and get their heads stuffed, and that our work never ends.

Is this best for kids?

Who do we want in front of our kids?


We’re teaching children, not content.


In my very first student teacher placement 30 years ago, the SERT said to me, “Think about what you want to accomplish, then go to bed.  I need you rested, calm and responsive to these children.  They will need you at your best all day (all week, and all year).

They don’t need this.


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