Transforming School Culture – Chapter 3 – The Believers (All Children are Capable and Competent)

In this book, Dr. Anthony Muhammad shares his research on four categories of teachers found in schools. In Chapter 3, he discusses “The Believers”. In general, Believers are certain that all children are capable and competent, even though they don’t always know the best teaching methods to allow learning to happen. Below are some further […]

Transforming School Culture – Chapter 2 Resources (The Framework of Modern School Culture)

The discussion in this chapter begins with American references.  There are more American references in the second version of the book.  At first, I wondered about how appropriate this new version would be for Canadian school leaders, but I think that a simple summary of the American education system experiences helps us to understand some […]

Revisiting Pedagogical Documentation – Some Resources

This week I am pulling together some resources for thinking about how we document learning. In particular, we are looking at how we capture learning when and where it happens, and how we use that evidence of learning to better understand the needs of the learner. Two of my favourite resources include Making Learning Visible […]

Transforming School Culture – Chapter 1 Resources (From Status Quo to True Reform)

Notes on the Foreword by Richard Dufour and Rebecca Dufour Schools are complex places with competing assumptions about beliefs, expectations, and practice. We don’t even agree on the purpose of school. 2. There are effective teachers who are fundamentalists, and ineffective teachers who are believers. What makes an effective teacher? Here is a research hub […]

Our Collective Focus

It’s the last day of January, 2021 – a year we hope will bring an end to lockdowns, self-isolation, days on Zoom, border closures and masks. Our past 12 months have been like no other. Yet, we go on. Tired, facing complexities and shifts in “normal”. We keep teaching. We keep learning. Learning. Professional learning […]

Better Sleep for Better Learning

As educators, we are relentless in our pursuit of understanding of how to enable learning to happen for our students. We consider pedagogical research and build a repertoire of approaches to meet the needs of all learners. Before implementing new approaches, we want “evidence” that the approach has proven to be effective. But how often […]

Inspiring a Culture of Learning

What podcast speaks to the importance of a “culture of learning” in schools? Allison Tucker asked me this question earlier this week. I love podcasts. I listen while running, driving, walking, doing dishes… I immediately thought of the awesome conversation between Alfie Kohn and Gary Stager. If you haven’t heard it, take the time. But […]

Rethinking Sugar

What is the one thing you can do today to make a significant positive impact on your personal wellness? According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, eliminating refined sugar from our diets can have a significant positive impact in a very short period of time. I listened to the March 18, 2017 episode: Refined Sugar and Its […]

Sugar, Sugar!

Recently, my daughter-in-law suggested I listen to the Stuff You Should Know podcast. I’ve been downloading it for awhile, but it wasn’t until I had some time alone out on the snowshoe trails that I decided to try the latest podcast to drop. As it turns out, it was a SYSK Selects on December 26, […]


We did it! 37 days of movement – at least a mile a day – from American Thanksgiving on November 26, 2020 to January 1, 2021. Collectively, we ran/walked/skied/snowshoed about 1200 km. That’s the distance from Winnipeg, Manitoba all the way to beautiful Old Woman Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park! 2020 was a year […]