Your Friends Help You Learn

Every day I am thankful for the plethora of great reading and resources my friends share with me online.

This morning, I woke up to Tom D’Amico sharing this remarkable digital library of children’s books in many different languages. Immediately I thought of our work with English Language Learners in Newfoundland and Labrador, and throughout Canada.

Last night, Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon made me think deeply and challenge some of my beliefs around how we assess children in our school systems through their free podcast, Modern Learners.

Grant Montgomery shared this simple look at digital skills all children need in 2017.  I am always leery of these lists, and the superficial treatment they give this important subject, but I need to consider the skills needed to communicate this information in a way that helps people see the critical importance of this learning need.  Brief articles like this help me to think about other ways to package and present important messages for increased audience impact.

Also this morning, Michael Caulfield shared this report on how Russia has used Facebook to influence thinking in America – not new thinking, but more reminders about how ignoring the need for students to learn how to navigate the online environment is dangerous, not just to kids but to society in general.

Generous learners all over the world are taking the time to curate and create information and share it back to those interested in learning.  There is a rich culture of sharing.  Knowing where to look and how to filter that information so that you receive ideas that challenge your thinking and beliefs, while meeting the needs for your daily work, is an important skill, and a critical factor in becoming a networked learner.


Evan Kirby shared this remarkable featured photo.  On unsplash, I can download beautiful images that make me proud to share my blog.  They motivate me to learn to take my own beautiful images and share them with others through the many sharing opportunities online.


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Evan Kirby

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