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This week, in #nled, principals in the Western Region are meeting f2f.  At one of our sessions, we are learning about the connections between the networked lives of our students, and their mental health.

The slides for the session are shared below.  Thanks, in particular, to Dr. Alec Couros for posting his slides on Slideshare.

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to sharing some of the resources to help us understand the importance of working with our students in practicing digital leadership, and good citizenship online.

Please read the newsletter here, and share it with your colleagues.  The purpose of the newsletter is to help professionals take initial, quick steps to link to the digital world of excellent professional learning materials.  The newsletter provides tiny chunks of curated professional learning resources.

You can sign up for further editions here, and view past editions here.

Our friends across Canada helped us understand why a PLN is essential.  You can read their responses in the Storify here.


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