The Power of Networks for School Improvement: Learning with Steven Katz (4)

Creating the Conditions for Focused Professional Learning (Part 2): The Learning Focus When you are in a classroom, and something isn’t working, you only have 2 choices: Change the kids, or change the teaching practice! Creating the conditions for focused professional learning is the FUNCTION of the network. How do we enable the kind of […]

How Do We Tackle “Crippling Incrementalism”?

Thank you to #YRDSBQuest for streaming keynote presentations and encouraging the sharing of learning on Twitter.  It makes it much easier to learn from a distance. While working near Thunder Bay on Wednesday, I was able to keep in touch with much of the learning. I also spent time last Sunday and Monday following the Tweets from […]

Why Leave All That Learning Only in Your Head?

So many educators reading so many books that impact their practice!     That was my takeaway from #satchat this morning, and #ontedleaders last week as we were challenged to share the reading that was impacting our work at this time.   I can’t possibly read all of those books, but my colleagues in my […]