Revisiting Pedagogical Documentation – Some Resources

This week I am pulling together some resources for thinking about how we document learning. In particular, we are looking at how we capture learning when and where it happens, and how we use that evidence of learning to better understand the needs of the learner. Two of my favourite resources include Making Learning Visible […]

But Do They Want to Come Back?

On the Friday of the very first week of school, my granddaughter Chloé cried and cried and cried. It was not because she didn’t like school, but because her mom had just told her there was no school for two more days. Even though her family had fun weekend activities planned, she wanted to be […]

First Day

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Today, my beautiful, curious, imaginative, creative, energetic, confident 4-year-old granddaughter begins her journey through the public school system. Will her teachers see her as the capable and competent child that she is? I am thinking about the words Yong Zhoa said to me in 2015. Children come into the school system […]

From Around the Web

We often hear that educators want to own their own learning.  Where do educators go for quality content? Many educators are curating resources in many different locations.  Tonight I started a newsletter for blog followers that brings to your attention some of the most recent, interesting information being shared on the web, and suggests people […]

An Evening with Dr. Jean Clinton – @drjeanforkids

Dr. Jean Clinton is a pediatric psychiatrist and advisor to the Ontario Minister of Education.  Yesterday she spent two hours at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, speaking with parents, educators and community members interested in the well-being of children in our communities. How are the children doing?  Is this the major concern and question that […]