Symposium for eLearning in Northwestern Ontario

While at #SeLNO 2012 in Thunder Bay, keynote speaker Shawn Allenby used a clip from the #ECOO12 Panel Discussion on the role of the teacher in the NOW Century to emphasize the importance of the Provincial eLearning strategy in moving the use of educational technology forward.

Learning about Leading Change

If you have seen this video a hundred times, please don’t go away yet. Scroll down … If it is new to you, please take a moment to view it.  It was produced in 2008.  At the time, it was at the leading edge, and it was used as an introduction to so many presentations […]

Some good points…

This video makes some important points about why our current industrial aged schools are dangerously irrelevant.

My Day on CBC Radio: The Journey

I am a HUGE fan of Spark. For many years, each Sunday during my long run, the latest “Spark” podcast continues to keep my mind off the pain of running.  In fact, I associate some of the things I have learned on Spark with specific geographical locations. One afternoon, I dragged myself out for a […]

Connected Learning

I’m playing with this infographic right now.  In the meantime, I just wanted to share it! Find it here:

First Attempt In Learning – FAIL

One of the major “take-aways” from this year’s ECOO Conference  (#ECOO12) was the idea of needing an environment to “tinker” (John Seely Brown) where mistakes and false starts are just a learning pathway.  “FAIL” is really just “First Attempts in Learning”. We talk a lot about creating a culture of support for children/students, where risk-taking […]

Everybody Needs a Rock*

I collect rocks. Not on purpose. I don’t go looking for them.  But when I bend to look more closely, inevitably they end up in my pocket, or in my car. Hunting for a specific rock is a completely different experience. It’s almost stressful. For Unplug’d 2012, I needed a rock that was easy to […]

Bring Yourself to Your Classroom

Back when I was involved with the Ministry of Natural Resources Critical Incident Stress Peer Support Team, I was fortunate to spend time with Dr. Martin Rappeport.  At the time, he gave me some career changing advice about teaching.  He told me to stop trying to be so many different things in the classroom, and […]

Learning About NOT Learning

I am excited tonight to be starting two new summer courses for my M.Ed.  Excited, because I have seen the courses and they appear to be a huge improvement over the last course I took this past spring. I just finished a course on International Leadership, which could have been and should have been inspiring […]

So Much Learning

As anxious as I am to get on my flight back to the northern shore of Lake Superior, I am happy to have a few minutes in the airport (and some free plug-ins to power up my well-used MacBook) to try to document the amazing learning I have experienced over the last few days. On […]