Sharing “Student Privacy” at Lakehead University Faculty of Education

Recently, I was honoured to be invited to share with first year B.Ed. students (aspiring teachers) at Lakehead University (Thunder Bay Campus).

We began by thinking about why digital was important, and by examining Padlet as a tool to be used in classrooms.  Our thinking on digital has been captured below.  Please feel free to add to our ideas.


Made with Padlet

As we used Padlet, we considered what security settings we would use, and how a tool like this might be used to extend learning in a classroom setting.

How can a tool like Padlet be used effectively in instruction without risking student privacy violations?

The reading slides for the presentation have been posted below. My contact information is on the last slide, or leave a comment on this blog if you need further information.

Featured Image by Wesley Fryer shared under a CC-BY-SA-2.0 License.

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