Edline Canada: Our Final Show on Designing Schools for Learning

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This week on Edline Canada we are wrapping up our 2018-2019 school year season with a final look at designing schools for learning. Over the past month we have been talking to educators across Canada about this topic.

On April 27, we welcomed Randy Fielding and Jill Handrigan to the VoicEd Airwaves. Jill was in California visiting schools to learn more about how physical design and pedagogical design impacted student learning. Randy is a well-known architect and founding chairman of Fielding-Nair International. In our conversation, we considered the kinds of spaces we need in schools, and how space reflects our values as a system, as a community, and as learners. Please take the time to listen to the conversation posted here (Episode 6).

On May 5, 2019, we welcomed educators Dave Truss and Will Burton, both from National Ken Spencer Award Winning schools in British Columbia and Manitoba, respectively. Dave and Will spoke about how they navigate provincial curricula to allow students to take charge of their own learning, through inquiry, through internships in the community, and through open demonstrations of learning and sharing. Our conversation about the practical work in designing schools for kids to thrive, can be found here (Episode 7). Currently, EdCan Network has a call for authors on this topic: ISSUE 1 (MARCH 2020): GUIDANCE FOR INNOVATING, DESPITE THE SYSTEM

On May 12, 2019, we welcomed Dr. Pam Moran, one of the authors of Timeless Learning, to the show where she shared with us so many powerful ideas about children and learning, and how we as systems can work to change the status quo. It’s worth your time to listen to the conversation here (Episode 8). We look forward to inviting her co-author, Ira Socol, back to the show in the fall.

Please join us on May 26 as we ask what you would do in the 2019-2020 (yes, 2020!) school year to make our schools places where learners will flourish.

Featured Image by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

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