Challenging the Status Quo (Safely)

At the end of #YRDSBQuest, Michael Fullan told the educators in attendance that they need to go back and challenge the status quo. I am documenting the ongoing conversation about how to do this safely. We rarely talk about it, but in our work, many educators have told us they won’t blog because they are […]

Digging Into Collaborative Inquiry

Over the past few weeks, I have been taking some time to dig more deeply into collaborative inquiry. I began reading Jenni Donohoo’s book Collaborative Inquiry for Educators: A Facilitator’s Guide to School Improvement, which is a valuable resource for anyone involved in education.  It contains not only clear, research-based information about CI, but also […]

Teach Less, Learn More

What do you think of the wisdom of Andy Hargreaves? Do you allow your communities to dream? How do you grow sustainably? How do you build success that lasts? Metrics are important, but the goals must be shared. If you follow someone else’s path, you will only get as far as they did. Do not […]